About us

Phat Food Co., Ltd.

Phat Food Intelligence Co., Ltd. is under the management of Mr. Idthipol Patimavirujh, former Executive Director – Daily Foods Co., Ltd
(Est. 1972). With many years of food processing experience under own brands and also OEM for many brands, we produce the best quality products and comply with international standards, from raw materials purchasing to the production lines with state-of-art technology and efficient logistics system. Our plant is also scheduled to certify for GMP, HACCP, HALAL and FDA standards.

We proudly presented our own brand “GoodWill”, the sweetened condensed non-dairy creamer and evaporated milk. We carefully select best sources of raw materials to offer consumers premium and best quality goods that also lead to higher margin for our B2B customers.


To be the leader in the food processing industry using state-of-art technology under the “Food Intelligence”concept, and to increase the value of Thailand’s raw materials to the world.

  • We are “Sales Hero” for our customers. With our support, our customers become superheroes in their own businesses and are successful as Phat Food Intelligence stays by their side.
  • We pay attention to create jobs to the community and be the education center to promote the country’s human resource development.
  • We work under the “Green Factory” concept to ensure every step of our production is environmentally friendly.

I believe in our company’s core values of maintaining highest quality of the products, the speed of our services, the continuous competitive advantage development process and in sustainability. At the same time, we are flexible in the methods, and we are focusing on our core values and our identity

Idthipol Patimavirujh
Managing Director (Phat Food Intelligence Co., Ltd.)